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EAS system anti-theft

Each of us lost keys and remembers the feelings connected with an event: anxiety, vanity, irritation,... And try to imagine how a business owner feels when he discovers commodity losses?
The results of recent statistical research GRTB (The Global Retail Theft Barometer - the “Global barometer of thefts in the retail trade”) shows that the cost of losses for retailers worldwide amounted to $123,39 billion.. Impressive sum. How does this happen?
In retail, the main sources of losses according to GRTB are:
• employee theft;
• theft from the trading floor;
• supplier fraud;
• administrative errors in data processing.

To avoid losses in trade, retailers are constantly looking for new approaches, ways to track and control losses, lack of inventory, and product defects in real time.

If there is a demand, then the supply is born. We present to Your attention the dynamically developing Russian developer and manufacturer - the company RETAIL SECURITY (RS) , the main activity of which is the development, supply, implementation of various systems and software systems that help in the fight against the above sources, in retail. RETAIL SECURITY is a registered brand of anti-theft equipment: anti-theft EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) RS systems, anti-theft antennas and deactivators RS labels, online monitoring systems, EAS accessories and consumables.

Understand the mechanism of action of anti-theft systems is simple. Labels attached to a product are a kind of transponders, operating on the principle of "Yes - No" or "1 - 0", as in the binary system of calculation. 1 - the product is in the range of the system. 0 - the product is out of range of the system, the antenna detects a protective label, so you should take action to prevent the removal of unpaid goods. In the first case, the antenna does not give an alarm signal, because the goods are paid for and the label is removed with the help of a cashier deactivator.

Antitheft, antikaria, ... Hostile prefix -anti in these words acts only in a positive aspect, as in the derivatives of anti-theft, anti-theft. Many of You faced the anti-theft gate located at an entrance to shops, supermarkets. They are not difficult to notice the characteristic squeaking sound, which is issued when the goods are trying to make them unpaid or, simply put, steal. These gates are called "squeakers". And their correct name - anti-theft antennas or systems. Store staff, though trying to exercise control over customers, but it is completely physically impossible to do. Significant help they will have anti-theft gates RS, installed at the exit of the trading floor. They are able to control the passage width of up to 2 meters, and the installation of several antennas in one line practically does not limit the width of the controlled passage. RS antennas are created using advanced technologies. They do not require synchronization in the case of multiple antennas, eliminates the presence of "dead" zones, the number of false positives is significantly reduced. The presence of such equipment provides tangible benefits for the business owner. Reliable RS equipment stands guard over the security of Your trade.

However, the anti-theft gate is only a visible part of the protective complex that prevents theft from trading floors.
In fact, the anti-theft systems represent an integrated system : set-labels, protective sensors, or radio frequency acoustomagnetic labels, or RFID tags (Radio Frequency IDentification), the fetters, the software, the above-mentioned antenna, the readers.
Competent selection of all components of the system and management of this complex directly affects the efficiency of the entire anti-theft system. Anti-theft system is a tool that will give the effect only in the right hands.
A distinctive feature of RS security systems is the ability to control the operation of the equipment, including remotely, as the business owner can be located several hundred or even thousands of kilometers from retail outlets. Thanks to the software package DKLink EAS performed tasks on-line monitoring of anti-theft systems and peripherals, the formation of alarm notifications in case of failure of system components, as well as providing analytical information for a given period. The use of the system provides:
• monitoring the performance of installed equipment;
• ROI control and loss reduction from non-operating equipment;
• supervision of discipline personnel;
• control over the timely maintenance of equipment.
When choosing a product, we pay attention to such aspects as quality, warranty, stability, appearance. Retail SECURITY company uses scientific approach and modern technologies to create equipment for protection against theft and fraud. In the manufacture of anti-theft systems used components and materials of high quality of Russian production. The professionalism of the company's staff is at the proper level.

Advantages of anti-theft equipment offered by RS:
• response to any unauthorized removal of goods regardless of who commits theft — the buyer or the employee of the outlet;
• deter thieves — they just do not go to Your store;
• no dead zones;
• self-sufficiency in the shortest possible time;
• defending wide doorways and passages;
• resistance to interference;
• reducing the cost of security guards;
• prevent malfunction of electronic devices and magnetic media;
• minimum power consumption;
• remote maintenance.
According to statistics GRTB anti-theft system EAS - this is the most proven version of protection against theft to date. To pass unnoticed is almost impossible.

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